How It Works

1.  It's your birthday!  Celebrate!

2.  Choose a charity/community group you wish to help.

3.  Call them and ask what they are most in need of.
      a.  Keep in mind they may ask for money first.  Ask about possible service projects.
      b.  Also ask for a list of items they may need (toiletries, job searching assistance, painting/repairs, etc.).
      c.  Decide how you want to help out.  You may decide to spend a couple of hours at the charity's headquarters painting a room, or cleaning a house so someone can move in after being homeless.  Or you may put together toiletries bags to pass out to those in need.  Another good option is to go to your local food bank and help sort cans.  The choice is yours!

4.  Send out
e-vites, emails or postcards inviting your friends and family to join you in "celebrating your birthday by paying it forward".

5.  Get together with everyone afterwards and celebrate with a birthday cake, dinner or whatever you wish.

6.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  You just made a difference in someone's life.

7.  Take a few minutes to send us an
E-MAIL.  We would love to hear of your experience so we can share it with others.

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